Top 5 Seller Mistakes

Dated: 05/05/2014

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Looking to Sale? Here are 5 common mistakes you should try to avoid:

Mistake #1: Setting your asking price to high because of personal needs and emotions rather than at Market Value. You can avoid this by having a professional Realtor assist you in pricing your home. 
Mistake #2 Signing a listing contract with no way out. You can avoid this by asking your Realtor before hand how you will be released from the contract if necessary. 
Mistake #3 Failing to showcase the best features of their home. You can help show case your home by making any necessary repairs, cleaning thoroughly, and staging your home before you put it on the market. 
Mistake #4 Choosing an agent for the wrong reasons. Such as, pick the agent because they work with the most popular company in the area. A seller should pick the agent with the best track record and marketing plan.
Mistake #5  Not knowing their legal rights and obligations. You can avoid this by consulting a professional Realtor to review the legally binding contracts you may be entering into.
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~ Megan Garner

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